Welcome to BareFeet!!

BareFeet Studios is located in the Berry Hill district of South Nashville. We help our students find their pathway to movement, whether it be by way of dance or fitness.

Our faculty consists of award winning choreographers, professional dancers, lovers of movement, and inspirations to their students. We take an enthusiastic and compassionate approach to teaching, making the class experience an enjoyable one.  

We serve students ages 3-adult.  Whether you are a recreational dancer, a competition dancer, an adult dance enthusiast, or a professional dancer - we have a class that is just right for you!



YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!! (Excludes all adult drop-in classes)

Kids - We offer classes for children ages 3-18. Check classes and registaration for more information.

Adults - We offer adult classes for ages 18 and up. classes include Hip Hop, Balletone®, Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern, as well as Zumba. Check classes and registaration for days and times.

NOW OFFERING MUSIC CLASSES - See the full schedule and registration information under the Classes & Registration tab